The idea of establishing the Economic Forum for Sustainable Development dates to 2017, when Professor Manahel Thabet, a Professor of Economy of Yemeni origin, specializing in financial engineering and mathematics, accepted a broad invitation from the directors of independent Yemeni economic institutions to an informal meeting in the City of London. This took place in UK last February 2017, with the aim of focusing on economic development aspect, the first phase of human return and reconstruction in Yemen.

Before that, Professor Thabet made a tour to Egypt and met with Ambassador of Yemen, Dr. Mohammad Marem, and Yemeni minister of Commerce Dr. Mohammed al-Maytami at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo. She discussed with them ways to use Yemeni economic expertise to mobilize support and to energize the reconstruction phase and the revival of the Yemeni economy.

Prof. Manahel Thabet subsequently met with Dr. Kamal Hassan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab League States for Economic Affairs, as well as Dr Riyad Akbari, Permanent Representative of Yemen to the Arab League, and Mohammed Rabi, Chairman of the Organization of Arab Economic Unity.

Prof. Thabet stressed that she was striving to mobilize many diverse economic energies, businessmen and economists, both Yemeni and Arab, to support the Yemeni economy, to save the citizens from the crisis that had almost killed them and announced: “Enough politics when

people are dying.” Prof. Thabet expressed her deep concern at the worsening humanitarian situation in her home country, Yemen, to many Yemeni officials and economic-related figures at the Arab League, saying: “People are dying of starvation and disease with fatal illnesses, and the lives of millions of people in Yemen must be saved before anything else.”

She then directed a wide-ranging invitation from the directors of independent Yemeni economic institutions, businessmen and economic figures to an informal meeting in London In May 2018, with the aim of focusing on the economic development aspect, the first phase of human reconstruction and infrastructure rebuilding in Yemen.


The Economic Forum for Sustainable Development is an independent, non-profit international organization. The Forum undertakes to provide studies and economic insights in order to improve Yemen’s economic situation and its reconstruction phase. By involving independent Yemeni and foreign economists, the forum provides insights on Economic and trade agendas, especially Yemeni, Arab and international, industrial and economic policies, investment laws and consultations to restructure Yemen’s debt situation. The Forum’s motto is “Constructive activities in the service of Yemeni economic interests.”

Participants in the forum include: economic leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs and experts from various fields. They will meet seasonally to discuss Yemeni economic issues and how to involve Yemen economically in its regional and international environment. The Forum members are selected by acclamation from the Board of Directors. Partners are carefully selected members or companies who will be active in Forum activities. The Forum is the highest Yemeni non-governmental economic entity.



The mission of the Forum is:

An independent organization tasked with studying and anticipating the development of Yemen’s economic conditions and the reconstruction of Yemen. The Forum is working in accordance with Yemen’s desire to increase

economic growth and social development, and it serves Yemen in general by creating a partnership among businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, politicians, intellectuals and leaders. They will also look into other

community issues to identify, and study, such as: salaries, pension funds, SME €™s trade and investment laws and regulations and/or other basic economic topics on the Yemeni agenda. As a voluntary institution, the Forum is constrained by non-interference in politics or advocacy in national conflicts.


SHORT TERM PLAN 2018 – 2019

The APPG in the British Parliament accepted the Declaration of the launch of the Economic Forum for Sustainable Development. On September 03, 2018 in The Palace of Westminster, under the chairmanship of Keith Vaz, MP, Chair of the APPG Committee of Yemen Affairs. The plenary session will be co-chaired by Professor Manahel Thabet, with, in attendance, members of the Board of Directors, Dr. Omar Abdulaziz and Mr. Mohammed Abdo Saeed. The first meetings of the Economic Forum for Sustainable Development will be held in early September 2018, and the meetings will focus on the reconstruction and rescheduling of Yemen debts, as well as the discussion of the most important topics and future economic, investment and trade requirements in Yemen. The Forum’s governing body will adopt a highly selective policy of inviting distinguished individuals who will be called.


The Management of EFSD are leading Chairmen, CEOs and academic Professionals. Composed they set the strategic sequence of the EFSD. The Management members also use their own resources, expertise and networks to comprehend the success of the EFSD. Management Members join EFSD by invitation only.

VP Advisory Board: Raymond Keene OBE

VP Research and Development: Prof Fredrick J. Trowman

Event Management: Don Morris


The Forum is self-funded through board members and will be examining future methods on how to engage future supporters.


The forum is run by the institutional sphere headed by Professor Thabet (where she is responsible for the long-term establishment and direction of the Forum’s strategies, orientations and objectives).

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