The Economic Forum for Sustainable Development is made up of leading directors of academic institutions, company CEOs, professionals and businessmen from the Arab World and the International community.  Together they are advising the Arab economic strategy for the future. The Economic Forum for Sustainable Development was established to streamline the working relationships between the private sector, knowledge institutes, and government organizations, with a view to further increasing prosperity and well-being in the Arab World focusing on GCC and Yemen. One of our main focus is to gather Economic ThinkTank to plan an Economic Vision for Yemen. The EFSD addresses complex economical-urban issues through innovation and collaboration between the private sector, knowledge institutes, and government organizations on the metropolitan scale. The EFSD focuses on the most urgent economic challenges and on the fields where parties in the EFSD have the expertise, knowledge, and manpower to truly make a difference, and that furthermore offer economic growth potential.

We Encourage, Promote and Support Sustainable Development

It falls at our main goals and focuses promoting UN Sustainable Development Goals. Together with tackling serious economic matters in GCC, Middle East, and the world, we also study how SDG’s can be applied. Our aim also is to create Economic Vision for Countries drained economically especially after a war. Yemen is our main focus as the economic vision of Yemen is nearly absent. We work with leading economic professionals, academic experts, researchers and companies to create Economic Vision that will merge Yemen into its neighboring countries. As for the private sector, we create special B to B forums and network events that are good for business and deliver our vision to concerned parties to maximize economic growth. We believe that the Government and Private Sectors should work as partners to drive a successful economic module.  “Manahel Thabet Ph.D. – President of the EFSD”

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