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We are a unique forum associated with and network where members’ initiatives move sustainability developments forward; learn from other foremost companies; interact with the toughest partners and get access to a one-stop-shop for tools and knowledge to push their sustainability and digital journey forward.

We work with foremost companies to develop high-impact strategies across the classifications of Energy, Food & Land-Use, Cities, Mobility, and Redefining Value.

Sustainable Energy


Energy systems power growth in all economies. We are at the point of a clean energy future. Although fossil fuels will continue to form an important portion of economic growth for the near future, a shift to the low carbon economy means a fast scale-up in new and established alternative power sources and technologies.

Rapidly dropping costs are increasing the market share of renewable energies. Greater investment in energy proficiency – in businesses, buildings, and transport – has huge potential to cut and manage demand. In emerging countries, decentralized renewables can help provide electricity for more than one billion people without existing access.

Source: WBCD.org

Sustainability of Food and land-use


Food and land use efficiency will regulate whether the world can feed a population projected to grow to over nine billion by 2035 while nourishing natural environments. Food production can be increased, rural revenue development improved, gender balance raised, jungles protected and land use emissions cut by raising crop and livestock efficiency, using new technologies and inclusive approaches to soil and water management.

Source: WBCD.org

Sustainable means Cities and Mobility


By 2030, an estimated 70% of the global population will live in cities, driving 80% of total energy demand and 70% of global GHG emissions. The business opportunities for optimistic development in this area are compelling.

This way will help us build improved, smarter cities – where every individual has admittance to life-changing technology, delivering health care, education, and connectivity. We’re outcome ways to build Zero Emission Cities (ZEC), circular economies and maximize energy-efficient infrastructure. We’re helping cities around the world to improve their sustainable mobility and transport with our important indicator set and tools.

Source: WBCD.org

Sustainability of Redefining values


The days of determining business success through financial metrics alone are over. Our vision is that by 2035, all companies will measure, value and report their true value, true costs and true revenues.

To do this, companies essential to go beyond just accounting for financial capital. They need to take an integrated method, via a better understanding of how to incorporate and account for their traditional and social capital as well.

We’re emerging innovative frameworks and resources to advance non-financial capital measurement, valuation, and reporting. Our effort helps companies improve their decision-making, and produce more effective and meaningful external reporting and disclosure.

Source: WBCD.org

We help your organization scale up its impact

Three elements scale up the impact of the solutions for your company: innovation, valuation, and collaboration.



Innovation is driving new business answers to sustainability encounters across technology, business models and new standards of procedure. To scale these solutions up we identify and remove the barriers that exist across technology, financing, market acceptance, and policy/regulation. The maximum effect on the global challenges is attained when you use the Solutions Platforms for Cities, Food and Land-use and Energy systems.


Through Redefining Value, we strive to be the foremost voice of business in the re-set of existing economic representations for:

  • assessing and management risks
  • making decisions on a united basis across financial, natural and social capital
  • disclosing and reporting results across the Arab World
  • changing the way Arab capital markets and financiers integrate these results in their decisions regarding valuation and capital allocation.


We’re collaboration professionals, and we bring you together with other companies, partners and sectors. We help you deliver business resolutions that could never be realized by a single business alone. This approach builds critical mass and drives the momentum that will enable these solutions to turn out to be standards in their sector.

Source: WBCD.org

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