prof manahel thabet

Prof. Manahel Thabet

The President of The Economic Forum for Sustainable Development - UK as well as the the Founder and President of  Consortium Consultancy and President of the World's IQ Foundation, Vice President of the World Intelligence Network (WIN) as well as Director Deputy of the Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition of Imperial College and Vice-Chancellor of The UK Gifted Academy. A skilled leader who has many hats the Prof. Thabet is involved as an effective leader in many organisations that link science knowledge, business, and knowledge globally.

As a leading expert on a variety of scientific subjects the Prof. Thabet has published articles and conducted research on subjects such as quantum mathematics, financial engineering quantum physics and the theories behind Quantum Brain. Her work and her expert opinions have been highlighted in numerous reputable publications both in the United States and abroad. The Prof. Thabet is often sought to be an expert on these topics, particularly Quantum Mathematics, Mind enhancement methods and futurism, as well as organization development and talent identification.

For her leadership, motivational qualities and contributions to business and sciences, the Prof. Thabet has the been recognized with numerous awards and honors including the Brain of the Year AwardGuinness World RecordMiddle East Achievement Awards in Science, World Peace, and Prosperity Foundation Awards as well as the Genius of the Year. She was listed as one of the most impressive 500 Arabs worldwide and among the hundred most influential women from the Middle East and was included in the BBC's list of 100 most inspiring women in the world in addition to her Super Scholar being ranked among the top 30 people living today.

Her achievements and track record are unparalleled by other professionals in her field. Moreover, her contributions to society have stood the tests of time and resulted in positive, systematic global change. She is Prof. Thabet has influenced the lives of many through her work and is able to make an impact that is not limited to the Arab World, but across the globe, while continuing to progress in the global arena for all. In recent times she has been the Prof. Thabet founded and leads the first of this type at the Middle East Mind Ability Enhancement Center known as the Think Hub.