Ramallah – the world of homeland was 

launched today in Cairo sessions , the first day of the Forum Economic Leaders Economic Forum on Sustainable Development to discuss the reconstruction of Yemen is one of several axes , the most important business and private sector business, where each of the members of the Forum was attended by Founders: Prof. Mohammed Abdo Saeed and Dr. Omar Abdul – Aziz, He also participated seminars adviser Ahmed al- Sisi , Vice President of the State Council in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and in the presence of former Prime Minister Mohsen state in- kind, and Saif Mohsen Sharif adviser to the President of  Yemen for reconstruction and Ambassador Mohamed Mohamed spring , Secretary General of the Arab economic unity Council and Dr. Abdulaziz bin Saqr , chairman of the Gulf Research Center and Sheikh Saleh primer.

Members of the Forum also included: Waleed Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani, Nashwan Ibrahim Al Hamdi and Fouad Anam, guests of the Forum Dr. Abdullah bin Marei bin Mahfouz, Mr. Mohammed Al Harbi, Counselor Raymond Kean, Economic Advisor David Maisi, as well as 
a group of economists, finance and investment.