Dr Omar Abdulaziz

Dr Omar Abdulaziz – MEMBER of the BOARD

Dr Omar, holds a Master in International Economic Relations and a PhD in Economics.

Practical experiences :

  • Editor of a news agency Aden News 1971/1972
  • Media Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Aden 1972/1973
  • Associate for Planning Affairs and Culture and Information Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in Aden 1978/1980
  • Director General of the TV southern Yemen , formerly 1980/1985
  • Director General of the Institute of Fine Arts in Aden , 1985/1990
  • President of the Union of Yemeni Writers and Writers Aden Branch 1993/1995
  • Lecturer of the subject of (aesthetics) Faculty of Education, University of Aden for the academic year 1984/1985
  • Lecturer of the subject of (International Economy) Faculty of Economics in Aden for the academic year 1994/1995
  • From 1995 to present, he resides in the United Arab Emirates as a journalist at Gulf Printing and Publishing House, a political and cultural angles writer, and a contributing consultant to several radio and television channels, a plastic artist and a critic.
  • During work at Gulf House for 8 years he took the following tasks:
  • Daily columnist for 5 years _ Responsible for the daily evaluation of the performance of the press through the comparison report between the three major newspapers in the UAE (Gulf / Bayan / Union)
  • General supervisor of the culture and arts sector in the Gulf newspaper
  • Secretary of the Editorial Board
  • General supervisor of the magazine (all family)

Fine Art Exhibitions:

  • The first exhibition Aden 1986
  • The second exhibition Aden 1988

Also participated in many exhibitions in Sanaa and Sharjah.

Foreign languages:
Romanian / English


  • Master’s thesis in the Faculty of International Economic Relations, Romania (Impact of international monetary relations on the economies of developing countries).
  • PhD thesis in the Academy of Economic Sciences in Romania entitled (Problems of Arab economic cooperation).
  • From January to January: A collection of stories / Dar Ibn Rushd Lebanon
  • First writings in beauty: A research in aesthetics / Dar Ibn Ibn Rushd Lebanon
  • Approaches in the formation: Issuing the Department of Culture and Information in the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Naji Al Ali Witness and martyr: Issuing the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah
  • Sufism and formation: the issuance of the House (Ammon) in Jordan, and the second edition issued by the Ministry of Culture in Yemen
  • Creation time: the Union of writers and writers in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Crossing to Palestine: Translation from Romanian to the book of Professor Elia Boya .. (manuscript).
  • The history of Islamic Arab philosophy: A translation from the Romanian book of Professor Remus Ross (manuscript).
  • Houses of vision: Manuscript on the way to publishing
  • Old and new sequence (in partnership with the artist and critic safe Nasiri / issuance of the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah).
      • Hair homes: in press
      • shifts the visual text version of the Supreme Council for Culture in Doha / Qatar “joint with a constellation of critics of theFine”
      • Cash and creativity: the issuance of Culture and Information Department in Sharjah “joint with a constellation of critics Fine”
      • The Psychology of Beauty in print
      • Music presence In print
      • Engagement with the date in print
  • TV programs (preparation and presentation):
      • Sharjah Space Circuits
      • Creation Time Sharjah Space (Second Prize at the Cairo Festival for Arab Cultural Programs)
      • Sharjah Space Formation
      • Art Gallery Sharjah Space
      • Nature Sequence Sharjah Space
      • Contribution to a large number of Yemeni and Arab Symposia in Sana’a, Aden, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Kuwait Damascus, Tunisia, Qatar and Sudan.
      • Writing a series of cultural and intellectual researches in several Arab magazines and newspapers.
      • Participation in radio and television seminars in Arab satellite channels.
  • Currently :
      • Head of the Department of Research and Studies Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah
      • Director of the editor of the magazine (Rafid) cultural.
      • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Cultural Club in Sharjah.
      • Daily columnist titled “Implications” in the UAE daily Akhbar Al Arab.
      • Journalist of the second daily daily newspaper in the Republic of Yemen entitled “Diary”
      • Weekly and monthly weekly columnist in the following magazines and newspapers: Al-Rafid UAE / Marami UAE / Ashtrout Syrian / 26 September Yemeni / Yemeni Cultural / Gulf Emirates.